A week to go

I have to tell you that I am getting excited about the release next week.  With a week to go we are all excited here.  Putting the final touches on the product and wrapping it up so it can go up onto our website.   I know that the product is an amazing achievement for the team.   The developers started with a million + lines of code and the team has managed to create something that is very special and an important step maintaining a 28 year legacy with this product line.    We have certainly encountered some challenges along the way and some areas continue to challenge us, but we are definitely moving forward!  Very importantly you will see some amazing new features that I believe developers and our users will appreciate.   This include the ability to use submersibles and go under the water for the first time.  We have added in sensor views and we have reworked major portions of the user interface.

On the performance front, we continue to make headway in determining where the bottlenecks are.  These will start making there way into future releases and the roadmap has us upgrading to Dx10 and 11 in the future.

On the business side, I believe that we have also made significant headway as well.  We have announced our MarketPlace and will be providing a single place for customers to come and purchase Prepar3D™ compatible products.    We have also made it easier for people to talk to us through this website and see the names and faces behind the software!    Soon we will be introducing a new Innovation portal on our website that will allow you to provide ideas on product improvements and features that you want to see and then vote on them.

All and all it has been a very interesting journey so far and I hope that many of you reading this will be part of that too!   All for now.


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